Find out more about Student Placements

What's involved?

Our student schemes provide volunteering opportunities for students who will have completed at least two years of their degree when the scheme starts.

We offer two different schemes:

  • The summer scheme runs for a minimum of 12 weeks full-time during the university summer vacation
  • The academic year scheme runs for 6 months full-time or 12 months part-time during the academic year, usually starting in September.

We aim to recruit a group of students who can work together and support each other.

We don’t assume any knowledge but are looking for enthusiastic people with a passion for helping their community with an eye on their own career development.

We will provide enjoyable, interesting, structured and comprehensive training in all areas to equip you to provide a service to our clients. This will include training on how to engage with clients, interview and telephone skills as well as training in key advice areas such as debt, benefits, housing, employment and family.

Early on in the training you will be required to speak to clients both on the telephone and face to face, which will build your confidence in using our systems and identifying and addressing client needs.

Once you have completed the training you will be able to help clients with their problems by providing structured information from approved information sources.

I volunteer because TC

"To learn new skills and make a difference in my local community!"


"Develop key soft skills that will be useful in my future career as a solicitor.

Interacting with clients directly taught me interpersonal skills and how to communicate effectively with a diverse range of people"


"Gain experience communicating with clients."


"Gain experience working in an office environment"


"Gain the experience I needed to succeed at my graduate job interview"