Playscheme Fund – Help for Hongkongers in Hertfordshire


2023 Autumn Playscheme for BN(O) visa holders (4-16 year olds), living in Hertfordshire

We are not accepting any further applications for this fund and applications are being processed.

Payments to successful applicants will be made after the 6th November 2023.

We are pleased to announce the opening of the Autumn Playscheme.  This is funded by EELGA (East England Local Government Assoc) to help children from Hong Kong on BNO visas to connect socially with other local children. It will reimburse the cost of a half-term holiday activity with other local children or an after-school activity with other local children during the half-term to the end of the 2023. The maximum claim will be £250 per child for school-aged children (4-16 yrs old) of BN(O) visa holders. 

To take advantage of the Autumn Playscheme, find, select and book an activity which other local children will participate in from those available across Hertfordshire. 

To allow more people to benefit, applications from people who have not previously received an award under the summer playschemes in 2022 or 2023 will be processed exclusively until Wednesday 25th October. Previous recipients may apply but their applications will not be considered until all applications from new applicants have been processed. Previous applicants will then be processed on a first come first serve basis until the fund is exhausted.

Please be aware:

  • This playscheme is for children living in Hertfordshire and all activities funded must be in Hertfordshire
  • Applications are accepted until the fund is exhausted and with accompanying proof of expenditure
  • We regret we cannot accept applications that do not advance the objective of encouraging social connection between children (children playing with other children). CASTAD’s decision is final
  • All applications must be accompanied by invoices, receipts, accounting records or other documents
  • One application per child (this can be for multiple activities across the half term but must be applied for at the same time)
  • The value of this Fund is small and not all applications will be successful. Please check the website for the latest Fund status before submitting your application, to avoid disappointment.  Once the funds are used, the scheme will close
  • This year, the Fund helped children of 80 families enjoy Summer activities and integrate within their local communities

How to apply:

  1. Find an autumn playscheme, within Hertfordshire. Book your place and keep your receipts.
  2. The maximum claim per child is £250
  3. Apply using the Playscheme application form here.
  4. Remember, you can only apply once per child
  5. You will need to supply a share-code to enable us to check your BN(O) visa status
  6. Please note: payments will not be made before Monday 6th November
  7. If you have any queries please email: bureau@castad.org.uk