Local Campaigns

Local Housing Allowances and Rents in St Albans


Local housing allowances have been frozen since April 2020 and our analysis shows that, as a result, a large gap has opened up between allowances and actual rents in St Albans.

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HKBN(O) Survey Report


This report shows the findings from a survey of people with Hong Kong British National (Overseas) status who have moved to the St Albans district in the last few years. We found they had got to grips with the immediate problems encountered when moving to a new country and were now looking to integrate more…

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How the cost of living crisis will affect St Albans


Soaring energy prices and big increases in the cost of other essentials like food and rents are creating serious financial problems for many families across the UK. Based on the experiences of the people who come to us for help, we have investigated the likely effect of the cost of living crisis on the people…

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An Overview of Housing Issues in St Albans District


This note analyses the housing issues currently facing clients of Citizens Advice in the St Albans district (CASTAD) and puts them in the context of the local and national housing picture. Its main purpose is to identify areas for further in-depth work. If you would like to know more, you can read our full report here.…

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The impact of Covid-19 in St Albans district


In the first year of the Covid pandemic, Citizens Advice helped over 8,000 people in St Albans district. No other organisation sees so many people with so many problems. This gives us a unique insight into the effect of Covid-19 on people living here. Four broad areas account for two-thirds of all the issues we…

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